Would you Rather…?

Would you rather dine with a dung beetle, drink with a mosquito, have supper with a spider or lunch with a maggot? Explore the world of bugs through fun and hilarious scenarios with a Would you Rather? question approach.

Discover the revolting eating habits of bugs and decide what you’d rather eat, where you’d rather live and what super senses you’d rather have.  With no wrong or right answer, there and are endless possibilities for discussion and extra facts and notes at the end of book encourage the reader to come up with their own questions.

The new, well-received,  Would You Rather? series includes the following titles:

Dine with a Dung Beetle or Lunch with a Maggot? 

Have a Shark for a Sister or a Ray for a Brother? 

Shake like a Dog or Leap like a Cat?  

Have the Teeth of a T-Rex or the Armour of an Ankylosaurus? 

Would you Rather Dine with a Dung Beetle or Lunch with a Maggot?

This fantastic book is full of marvellous mini-beast facts all presented to young readers through thought provoking questions such as ‘Would you rather have a queen bee for a mum, a water bug for a dad, a stick insect for a brother or a millipede for a sister?’ Great for starting a discussion, this book is amusing, revolting but mostly captivating – the illustrations are entertaining. Cartoon bugs living different scenarios with a little boy – I’ve learnt facts from this book, as well as seriously considered the pro’s of being a dung beetle…. Fantastic for Key Stage One children looking at ‘Mini-beasts’, this book could also provide a good discussing point for older children developing their verbal reasoning skills.

Reading Zone

This morning I read a book called Would You Rather Dine with a Dung Beetle or Lunch with a Maggot? by Camilla de la Bedoyere and illustrated by Mel Howells.  The Would You Rather. . .  series is perfect for the elementary set.  Since, kindergarten I’ve heard ML and her friends quizzing each other other on their preferences.

Tonight, I’ll ask ML “Would you rather questions?”  I ‘m certain of a few of her answers.  She loves snails; so I know she would prefer to live with a snail than a family of termites.  Seeing that we are in soccer season, I feel certain ML would prefer a millipede as a sister than a stick insect as a brother.  Imagine what her team could do if they had a bug with up to 750 legs on the team.  There is no question, she would definitely prefer to cartwheel like a flic-flack spider.  I think her record is five in a row.  She loved to do more than twenty-five in a row.  The big question is would ML rather dine with a dung beetle or lunch with a maggot.  I can’t even begin to guess her answer.

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