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A selection of publishers’ comments and observations on the work submitted by Camilla de la Bedoyere:

Thank you for sending in your amends and additions for the first batch of pages. I am really happy with the work you’ve done – it’s very clear, highly organized and authoritative with your listed reference sources. Thank you!

From initial ideas, to content, style and timing, you are consistently our best contributor – and if you have off days then we are completely unaware of them.

Fab thanks. It’s a great plan – I couldn’t make any comments when I read it yesterday apart from great!!

Excellent. Thanks very much… it’s a work of art!

Thanks so much, that was super quick. We are all wondering just how you are so amazingly punctual and organised with your supply of work? We always remark to each other how impressed we are with how quickly we receive work in and answers to queries. It’s obvious that you are very passionate about what you do, but do you have a super scheduling method or wonder programme that you use? Or is it down to honed-down experience and a bit of natural excellency? We were just curious (in case we’re missing a trick)!

It has been a pleasure working with you during my time at MK. Always professional, extremely accomplished at writing and always obliged to answer and questions I have.

We were delighted with the spreads for [the book], and only had a few design tweaks to change. We were happy with all the devices, the word length and how the text was apportioned across the spread.

I think you should all give yourselves a mighty pat on the back. I have just learned today that [an international publisher] will be taking [the series] for a print run of 160,000 copies. Very big news for [us]. 

Now that the final stages of all the books are coming in and I’m able to read them in a much more leisurely way, I’m just now noticing what a fantastic sense of humour the text has, and just wanted to tell you how marvellous I think they are. I’ve read [the first book] and [second one] back to back over the last couple of days and have been giggling away. 

Marvellous! I love how much character it gives the creatures 🙂

You did a fantastic job. It was clear from the questions directed at you, and from the book sales, that you were a big hit, and everything you said was riveting and beautifully put.  Well done.  I think you should make a habit of doing this.

You’re a star. Thanks so much. Your speedy response is much appreciated. You are definitely now sitting at the very summit of our author appreciation!

I absolutely love what you have done on [this new series]! I feel you’ve brought to life a rather vague series brief that I gave you – and I am thrilled! I think your ideas for the two types of spread are very good, and there are lots of great suggestions for explaining the whole magnification concept to young readers.

Many thanks again for doing such a great initial job on this series. I am very excited about it and think it’s going to be a really strong seller for us.

We are ordering a second print run of 80,000 already, we can’t keep up with demand!

That’s fantastic – many, many thanks for doing it. You will always be my first port of call from now on…!

I’ve just seen the plotters and the book looks really lovely. Once again, many thanks for all your hard work and I hope you have passed on my thanks to the team.

I keep meaning to get in touch just to say a big thank you for the sterling job you did on [the book]. I can hardly believe we got it all out. The whole thing became a bit of a military exercise. However, we got there, and I just wanted to say what a good team you and [the designer] made. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of your team.

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