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100 Facts about Coral Reefs

by Camilla de la Bedoyere

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Dive into the ocean and find out amazing facts about beautiful coral reefs! Discover shimmering shoals of fish, colourful corals and deadly reef predators through one hundred facts, fantastic images and fun cartoons.

Miles Kelly’s 100 Facts books are bestselling around the world, with more than 8 million copies sold in 30+ languages. Bursting with exactly 100 awesome facts, mind-blowing images and loads of fun activities, children will learn everything they need to know about each popular subject.

“I bought this book for my nine year old son as he has a keen interest in tropical fish and coral reefs. This book is lovely and brightly coloured with a mixture of drawings and photographs. Lots of facts which are written in short paragraphs which is perfect for children who are put off by lengthy pages of typeface! A great book.” Amazon review

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