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100 Facts Elephants

by Camilla de la Bedoyere

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Take a safari and learn about the extraordinary lives that elephants lead! Discover everything you need to know about the biggest land-living creatures with this brilliant book.

Miles Kelly’s 100 Facts books are bestselling around the world, with more than 8 million copies sold in 30+ languages. Bursting with exactly 100 awesome facts, mind-blowing images and loads of fun activities, children will learn everything they need to know about each popular subject.
“This was purchased for my 8yr old daughter who is currently studying about Elephants as her school topic.
The book is a well designed, colourful and interesting introduction to elephants, full of commonly known information along with some unusual and interesting facts to suprise even the most cynical “I knew that already” kind of child. The pictures are interesting and well placed, making it an accessible guide for independent reading.
The school liked her book so much that they are purchasing their own copies to compliment future in class work with Key Stage 2 pupils” Amazon review

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