Letters from young readers

If you are a young reader, and have read any of Camilla de la Bedoyere’s books, she would love to hear from you!

You can contact her at cdelab[at]mac.com.

This excellent letter was sent by a young reader called Abigail, who is 7 and a half years old, who loves animals and swimming. It was great to see how much care she took with her spelling, grammar and punctuation!

I loved your book called Splash because I love learning about animals and I love water.  Your book has both things I find interesting.  This book is about water loving animals and some fun facts about them. 

My first reason I liked this book is because I love animals. You included five of my favorites in this book like Bottlenose Dolphins, Kingfishers, Emperor Penguins, Polar Bears and Northern Cardinals. 

My second reason I enjoyed this book is because not only are they cute but they love water just like me.  

And my third reason I liked this book is because I enjoyed looking at the pictures and learning new fun facts.

And that’s why I liked your book.  Your book was interesting and fun to read. I, also, really liked the pictures. Thank for reading my letter.

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