Human Body Books


91DCQNohuYLThe Ultimate Interactive Guide to the Human Body

Published by Silver Dolphin Books, 2016

The intricate systems of the human body have fascinated us for centuries, and “The Ultimate Interactive Guide to the Human Body” gives children a complete overview of this remarkable machine in an easy format. The 48-page book has colourful illustrations, diagrams, and informative text on how all the parts of the body work together to enable us to move, learn, grow, and stay healthy. A large wall poster and 3-D cardstock models of a human skeleton and eyeball enhance the educational journey into discovering the amazing functions of the human body.


3-D Human Explorer: Human Body

Published by Silver Dolphin Books, 2015

Take a spectacular 3-D tour through the human body and discover how each of the body s systems functions so that we can see, feel, and experience the world around us. This unique book includes five incredible pop-ups with transparent layers and colorful illustrations that show the inner workings of the skeletal system, brain, digestive system, respiratory system, and the eyes. Packed with fascinating facts and pop-ups from head to toe, “3-D Explorer: Human Body” is an innovative introduction for children who are interested in discovering how the body works.”

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