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With the wonderful talents of Aleksei Bitskoff who drew all the funny, fabulous artworks in this series, it’s no wonder the Could a… series has been a roaring success for QED Publishing.

The titles in this series are:

Could an Octopus Climb a Skyscraper?, Could a Penguin Ride a Bike?, Could a Whale Swim to the Moon?, Could a Shark do Gymnastics?, Would an Elephant enjoy the Seaside? Could a Crocodile Play Basketball?


Some reviews:

Colourful artwork and higgledy-piggledy type create outlandish scenarios (‘What if an octopus went shoe shopping?’) to explore animal characteristics. The absurdity is bound to appeal to 6-8 year olds.’ Books for Keeps

‘My 5 & 8 yr old children absolutely LOVE this book! Octopus facts made fun and easy to remember with the striking illustrations and quirky questions. Will definitely look for other books in the series. Highly recommended!’ Amazon review

‘The book is highly recommended for key stage 1 children and others who would enjoy having fun and learning about sharks at the same time’ The English Association

This lively and engaging introduction to the life of a great white shark will fascinate and amaze young children. By taking everysay situations and putting the great white shark into them, children will see just how these fabulous creatures would fit into our world. Just imagine if a shark went to the dentist – he would be there a long time as he has nearly 240 teeth! Readers will learn about the size, diet and other features of the great white shark in a way they will enjoy and findeasy to remember. It’s a fun approach and will appeal especially to those who prefer to read non-fiction. Look out for more in the series. Parents in Touch

This book would be a perfect addition to any classroom library or bedroom bookshelf.  It is a great ‘read aloud’ book too for younger readers with a sense of humour and an interest in the animal kingdom.  Also by the same team of author and illustrator Could a Whale Swim to the Moon?  brings whale facts to life in entertaining scenes that children can easily identify with.  Highly recommended. Luisa Mason Children’s Books Ireland

We’ve previously read about penguins riding bicycles. Now my son is enjoying this title about sharks. This starts with the premise of a shark coming to stay (eek!) – and putting him in different situations (going to the dentist, getting to school, at a party, on a seesaw, at the swimming pool) to learn about his features and life. We have tried a few titles by this author now and I’m impressed with the accessibility for young children (my son is 4). The scenarios are funny (we enjoyed the picture of the shark eating sausages at the party and sledging down a snowy hill the most) and there is lots to learn about sharks in this manner. Will definitely be getting the others in the series – a wonderful way to access Beginners’ Natural History. Amazon review

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Would an Elephant Enjoy the Seaside?Could a Crocodile Play Basketball?

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