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Here are a few comments from readers and reviews, collected along the way:

I Love Hugs

“An excellent way to introduce young children to the world of animals and the way they show affection. The easy-to-read text is perfect to share with young children as you snuggle up together for your very own hugs, making this perfect for young readers.” (Parents in Touch)

I Love Mum

“If you are looking for presents to give to Mummy from the little ones, then this I Love Mum b​ook is perfect. In fact, I think this is quite possibly one of the most adorable books I have seen in a long time… Be ready for oodles of cuteness, many ‘awwww’s and just a few ‘oh my word that is so sweet’s” (Eclectic Enchantments)

My Little Book of Ocean Life

“Stunning colour photographs feature throughout this book. My class particularly liked the close-up of an octopus’ suckers grabbing a fish and a saltwater crocodile using its tail to leap up into the air. Fascinating facts are included and the information is pitched at exactly the right level for children to understand, such as ‘A blue whale’s tongue is the size of an elephant’ and ‘Praying mantis shrimps attack using their powerful front legs, which are strong enough to break glass!’ The book deals with a wide variety of ocean life including invertebrates such as jellyfish, octopus and crab, fish such as ray and shark, reptiles like marine iguana and turtle, birds like penguin and albatross and mammals like the walrus and Blue whale. There is a helpful glossary and index. Highly recommended for key stage 1 children and reluctant readers, and adults will learn from it too.”

The English Association

Top 50 Deadliest Creatures

This book was perfect for my 8 year old. He has been very reluctant to read over the summer holidays so far and nothing seems to be grabbing his attention. I decided to try a different approach and bought this non-fiction title. From the moment I gave it to him he hasn’t put it down! He now voluntarily reads the facts aloud so he can educate the rest of us on the deadly creatures he is reading about. Not only has this book taught him plenty about a variety of dangerous animals, it has also got him reading again. Great photos and wonderful scary facts. Definitely recommend. (A happy parent’s review, from Amazon.)

Discover the Extreme World

“This exciting fact-filled book is vividly written, expertly researched and brilliantly designed and will keep children engrossed for hours.” Blue Peter Books Awards

“over ¼ million copies sold”

Could a Shark do Gymnastics?

“The book is highly recommended for key stage 1 children and others who would enjoy having fun and learning about sharks at the same time.”

(The English Association)

“This book provides as novel way of engaging a young reader and providing information about sharks. Questions are posed such as ‘What if a shark went to the dentist? Answer: ‘He would be a long time as great white sharks have nearly 240 teeth’. He wouldn’t need a filling because ‘sharks lose teeth all the time but they keep growing new ones’. Cartoon-style illustrations both amuse and help to reinforce learning. Different fonts are used to highlight key information. If a shark played tennis he could use his big fins and powerful tail to hit a ball. A shark has super senses and can tell when fish are swimming behind or below him, even sensing their heartbeat. Sharks have an amazing sense of smell and can detect a teaspoon of wee in a swimming pool. This helps them identify their prey. The final double-page of the book is a world map showing the areas where the shark lives, and a fact file. The last page of the book is a postcard from the shark, which reinforces some key facts about him. Children could write back, or create their own postcards in the guise of other creatures. They can pose their own questions, think up new scenarios and do research to find out the answers. The book is highly recommended for key stage 1 children and others who would enjoy having fun and learning about sharks at the same time.”

(The English Association)

‘This lively and engaging introduction to the life of a great white shark will fascinate and amaze young children. By taking everyday situations and putting the great white shark into them, children will see just how these fabulous creatures would fit into our world. Just imagine if a shark went to the dentist – he would be there a long time as he has about 240 teeth! Readers will learn about the size, diet and other features of the great white shark in a way they will enjoy and find easy to remember. It’s a fun approach and will appeal especially to those who prefer to read non-fiction. Look out for more in the series. (Parents in Touch)

“This book would be a perfect addition to any classroom library or bedroom bookshelf.  It is a great ‘read aloud’ book too for younger readers with a sense of humour and an interest in the animal kingdom.  Also by the same team of author and illustrator Could a Whale Swim to the Moon?  brings whale facts to life in entertaining scenes that children can easily identify with.  Highly recommended.” (Luisa Mason Children’s Books Ireland)

Wildlife Guides

“Young naturalists will treasure these books and they will be great to look back on as grown ups.” Parents in Touch

What a brilliant way to get children interested in the world around us and excellent value too. This book is ideal for a seaside holiday and there is plenty here for all age groups.” Parents in Touch


“This is one of those wonderful sets of books that is going to fascinate, educate, and entertain readers. Each book has amazing photographs with up-close illustrations and interesting facts. These books will attract reluctant readers because the words are easy, there is a lot of color, and because the text is segmented. Students and readers of all ages are going to like these books! Recommended.” (Library Media Connection)

Discover the Savage World

“I especially like the section on nature, as it tells about what would happen if a lion and a buffalo had to fight each other, who would win. This is particularly interesting for me, because I like to imagine creatures battling each other.” (Velociraptor on the Guardian review page)


Awards include gold medals for Ripley’s Fun Facts and Silly Stories and Ripley’s Twists Oceans (NAPPA), a silver medal for Ripley’s Twists: Oceans from Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, runner-up for the prestigious Blue Peter Book Award for MKP’s Discover the Awesome World and International Literacy Association Young Adult Choice, for DK’s Big Ideas that Changed the World (Editor). The School Library Association placed QED’s Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? in the recommended long list in its awards category ‘books for under 7s’, in February 2014. Booktrust‘s Reading for School’s Programme put MKP’s Discover the Mega World in its top six of recommended non-fiction books for schools in 2015.

Camilla de la Bedoyere is in the top one per cent of most borrowed PLR authors in UK libraries.



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