Books for Under 5s

Fun books for under-5s combine great photography or artworks, attention-grabbing design, bright ideas and simple but appropriate vocabulary. These books gently extend a young reader’s reading skill and word-bank, but they also add to the child’s interest and knowledge of the world around them. They also provide adults with a good opportunity to develop a child’s conversational skills.

“SPLASH!” By Camilla de la Bedoyere. Published by Quarto Kids! My daughter loves animals and because of that she has a pretty admirable collection of non-fiction among her picture books (which I think is pretty awesome). She fell in love with “SPLASH!” as soon as she saw the cover. Each page features a different animal making a SPLASH. Rivers, oceans, puddles, you name it. Everything from frogs to have humpback whales. Each page also tells a little about each animal and this book is loaded with fun facts. Did you know a Walrus’s tusks can grow up to three feet! Yikes! The photographs in this book are beautiful and so lifelike you’ll feel these animals are right in front of you. Perfect for ages 3-8! Review from Amazon.


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